My Father’s Suitcase

On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and on the International Holocaust Memorial Day, Paul Stewart Media and Moving Features Ltd., are proud to announce development has started on our next documentary project. MY FATHER’S SUITCASE. will be a 45 minute documentary. It’s about the contents of a […]

Jeza Place By The River a short tribute

Jerry ‘Jeza” Levy was a British singer/songwriter, who was living in Thailand. In 2013 he mysteriously disappeared and was found over a week later collapsed in the street. He was taken to hospital but he sadly died. This is a small tribute to him and his music. Stalwarts of the […]

More Than A Roll With A Hole-The Teaser

“It came from a plot worthy of a Dan Brown thriller, driven by intolerance to become a world favourite – Everyone loves a Bagel.” Just Green-Lit by Paul Stewart Media and Moving Features Ltd. “More Than A Roll With A Hole” is a documentary which tracks the history of the […]


TheLights are an indie pop band who produce great songs and witty videos, this interview is part of our Musicosis series