Moving features is the factual television arm of Paul Stewart Media. As a company we have been producing news, documentary and current affairs photography and words for newspapers and magazines for decades and have received multiple awards for this.  In the TV field we have produced directed and edited TV shows in the UK and USA. We have also produced information and promotional videos for the music industry, companies, local councils and UK government departments, as again our experience with video and TV goes back decades.

All this expertise is now focused on factual TV and our ethos to documentaries.  We think that at the end of the day a documentary is a moving feature and it’s only as good as the story it tells, just like a good magazine feature.  Features can also stand or fall on the pictures, there is a symbiosis between the parts. No amount of slick TV presentation or celebrity presenters can make an uninteresting story work. So we work on the idea that the story is paramount and then present the facts in a way to interest the viewer.

If you have a good feature idea please contact our newsdesk to discuss your idea.